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Import your Sisense data into Excel to analyse your data on your own terms

Import your Sisense data into Excel to analyse your data on your own terms

Analyse your Sisense Data in Excel, refresh it at the click of a button and read from the same page as the rest of your organisation with RAPID BI's Excel Addin.

Work where you're most comfortable and build refreshable reports that rely on the same data your collegues do. From adhoc analysis to sharing simple weekly reports, RAPID BI's Excel Addin will save you time and effort and ensure your team is on the same page.

Analyse your data where you’re most comfortable  
  • Seamlessly access your Sisense data from Excel
  • Use the calculated values and logic in dashboards or cubes that you've already built
  • Analyse data quickly using Excel Tables and Pivots
  • Unlocks quick adhoc analysis in Excel with other sources of data
Refresh with single click or automatically   
  • One button to refresh all the data in Excel
  • Quickly extract all the data from a dashboard
  • Easily distribute Excel and/or CSV files to multiple users, who may not have Sisense access or training
  • Integrate Sisense data with Office 365, Teams and Flow/Power Automate
Read from the same page   
  • Accessing Sisense Data from excel ensures that you’re all using the same data
  • Easily export to test and check your dashboard numbers
  • Maintain a single source of truth


Reach out to RAPID BI to discuss your requirements. 

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